R U Techno?
September 20, 2005, 8:25 pm
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I have found the new carrot of excitement for my twelve year old son, Loren. Instant messaging, or out of the ultra cool mouth of my son, IMing. Now I’m not a complete techo liazard, I have IMed a time or two. But it has usually been with a long distance friend or somebody I only see periodically, not a person with whom I have spent the entire day. And when I do IM it is often a flowing conversation. The tidbits my son shares with me go like this: Hellllooo? Anybody there??? Somebody talk to me??? Where is everybody????

And in reality it goes something like this: hllo.././?? r u ther? tlk me/?? wher r u?


Now I am not out to mock the preteen set. I admit their lack of grammatical accuity and punctuation smarts, but I can grasp that they are testing the waters of boy/girl communications. And from what I hear on the playground their verbal conversations are still much of the same. In a world crazy paced lives I’ll take this bit of techno innocence and hold it dear.


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