Beauty is Ageless
September 6, 2005, 9:11 am
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Yesterday I turned 35. Not a huge deal in the big picture of the world; a million more newsworthy events are out there. But in my little existence it was largesse. 35 is 7×3. It’s 17 1/2 x 2. It seems like I was just 17 1/2 a few years ago. I was still a senior in highschool and I had teachers who were 35, and that was OLD. That was crazy old, unhip old, ugly old, bad hair old. I ran into a highschool acquaintance at the grocery store yesterday and we chatted about this very subject. She said she didn’t feel 35. But I looked at her and thought, “Honey, from your broad hips, sweat pants and bad hair you sure look it.” Of course I didn’t mention that to her.

It’s not that I necessarily feel old, I feel pretty much the same as I did at 22. But I suspect that I got stuck somewhere at 22 and have not moved on in any significant fashion. Living in my small hometown I have the honor of watching my cohorts as we all age. They seem to be progressing: larger cars every year, better homes, better jobs. I know success isn’t all about materialistic acquisition, but it does signify some sort of fire burning under the ass. I drive a VW Bug. I hate my job and daily try to figure out ways to quit it so I can stay home and play with my son in the park. I have no burning ambitions to climb my way to the top of the corporate ladder. Do the other 35 years olds feel this way? Are they wired more efficiently? Do they belong to some secret motivational club that I am not? Or is it that I am a slacker? I didn’t have to ask these questions at 22, I figured they would all work themselves out by 35.

I looked in the mirror last night before bed: two inches of graying roots, broadening hips, bad sweatpants. It was all so much that I decided to call in sick today, play with my son in the park and light that ass burning fire tomorrow.


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Oh, Happy Birthday! I’m such a lame-ass! Sorry I never know when birthdays are–and I missed Devon’s or it’s coming up or something, too!

Hmmm… I don’t know. I keep waiting to feel like a grownup. I have a fire under my ass because I am fiercely protective of continuing to work from home– I think it’s time to stop talking about a design business and just do it.

I need you to send me an electronic portfolio if you have it– and if not, time to make it. I will buy a domain name and start planning our site. Let’s do this.–>

Comment by jen-o-rama

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